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CoGig connect. Ett rekryteringsupplägg där kvinnliga ingenjörer får träffa företag under en kväll för att mingla.



Through our customized event concept Connect, you create relationships with desired profiles for future recruitment and position yourself as an attractive employer.


Our Connect events are usually highly appreciated, by both the invited candidates and the company. You are in no hurry to leave, but happy to stay for a long time and chat. The success factor probably lies in the informal, relaxed atmosphere that allows you to get to know each other in a different way.


CoGig prepares everything with venue, agenda and invitation. Above all, we handpick candidates based on your desired profile and invite them to an informal evening hosted by you. In this way, you get to take part in our fantastic network of women and non-binary engineers and an opportunity to market your business and position yourself as an attractive employer.


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