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Job Provider

Who is a Job Provider? I am the one recruiting for an employment or providing time limited assignments (gig). 

Where do I begin? You sign up in your free company account. Then you will be able to find the right mind or even a full team for your permanent employment or time limited assignment (gig). Ratings and recommendations will support your pick.

How much does it cost? CoGig is a free platform. We have a fixed rate for time limited assignments (gig) as service fee for the gig transaction for matching, the platform, support and administration. When employing a candidate we will find a good price working both ways.

Candidate and Gig Worker

Who is a Candidate or Gig Worker? I am the specialist, leader or free soul who want to find my next role and become employed or who will deliver on a gig (time limited assignment).

How do I find my role or gig? Sign up in your free individual account and you will get to describe not only your experience, but even more important your full potential and next dream gig or role. You can rate previous gig experiences and create your own gig team by choosing fun colleagues.

How do I get paid? As a gig worker you can choose to get paid as an employee at CoGig or an invoice by your own company. The salary for each gig is a negotiation between you and the gig provider. Also if you start as a gig worker you can later turn into being employed if both parties are happy.

Other thoughts

Is CoGig only for engineers or females? We believe in inclusion and hence our platform is for everyone. However we do have a major network of female engineers thanks to the development programs we also run where the participants are all female engineers. If you are curious about the programs please read more under ‘About Us’. We are very proud of them.

Do CoGig arrange events or network meetings? We love to host events, mingles, webinars and other gatherings to develop and let our our members of CoGig network with each other. It has been very much appreciated. We will let you know when the next one is coming up!

Still have a question? Please drop us an e-mail and we will establish contact. You can reach us at hello@cogig.se. We are looking forward to hear from you our friend.