About Us

Magent is a value driven business run by four engineers and through CoGig we offer flexible solutions of resources and regular employments by matching company needs with the driven people.

A major part of our network is female engineers with industry experience and with great leadership skills from 1-20 years work experience. Many of them are talents originally identified early in their careers in one of our programs;
– Female Leader Engineer
– Female Digital Engineer
– Female Technical Engineer

In order stay competitive we believe it is important to find engaged and competent people and to mix industries to create new opportunities, solutions and business development.

– We are happy that you have found us!

Caroline Bouzi

Eva Fredriksson

Evelina Ögren

Madelen Porserud

Magent is also working for more female engineer students and technology companies to find each other to improve gender equality in the industry. We do that by our programs:

A programme for female engineers with the potential to become a future leader.

A programme for female engineers who want to drive the digital transformation.

A programme for female engineers who want to specialise in complex technology.

In the programs we collaborate with the following companies