Searching for the best minds with industry and
business related experience?
Let’s CoGig!

What is CoGig?

CoGig is a platform that is offering great minds working in flexible forms of employments to solve companies’ assignments or need of certain skills. And yes, we do also offer the possibility of regular employments. It is all about flexibility to choose whatever works for you.

We can match individuals or full teams with industry and business related experience as line managers, project managers, change leaders or engineers within digitalisation and technology development. Our niche is female engineers with a work experience of 1-20 years.

Our offer to Job Providers:
– Academic Gig Workers
– Recruitments
– Employer Branding Workshops

Our offer to Candidates:
– Being employed by CoGig
– Being self-employed
– Job Opportunities

How Does it Work?

Sign up and let us know just by a few clicks what you are looking for. It is easy peasy and we will support you through the whole process; from describing your assignment or role, to present the most competent and engaged candidates or job opportunities as well as signing a legal agreement.

To sign up is of course for free.

– Let’s CoGig!

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